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Výsledky – Results RR 2022

Výsledková listina RR 2022 – mezinárodní soutěž (PHYS, PARA) Výsledková listina RR 2022 – národní soutěž (MUC.RR, RLP, RZP, ZS) MUC.RR úkoly RR 2022 NAT úkoly RR 2022 INT úkoly RR 2022 1. místo MUC. RR: UKF Nitra (SK) Martina Šelestiaková Daniela Špániková Radovan Haško NAT-RLP-ST: RZP a.s. – RLP Trenčín (SK) Jakub Hamšík Matej …

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Legends for INT 2022 competition tasks

DAY D01) WINGS Emergency Dispatch Center received emergency call and send you to: Child, 8 years old, insect bite, collapsing, short of breath. Mother on scene, telephone-assisted first aid provided, call disconnected. Your tasks: Assess scene and correct work management on site. Examine and treat the patient(s). Define working diagnosis and differential diagnosis, administer the …

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Refresh your knowledge of procedures for mass casualty and disasters! INT crews proceed according to the START (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment). It might be helpful for you (examples, you can use your „national“ version): Mass casualty – Checklists (role-based) Mass casualty – Evidence lists It will be used this triage tag:       …

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Instructions for participants

If you would like to arrive to Kouty nad Desnou on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 in the evening, please inform the registration: Lucie Sedova: +420 725 049 446 Jiri Juras: +420 774 801 099 Miroslava Jurasova: +420 605 721 555 E-mail: In case of arrival on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 is to be expected …

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