Your shift at Rallye Rejviz 2024

General info

  • INT, RLP, RZP: 23.05.2024 from 20:30 - 25.05.2024 until ???
  • Hotel Dlouhé Stráně
    Rejhotice 72
    788 11 Loučná nad Desnou
    Česká republika
  • The team contact mobile phone (CMP), which you provided during registration, serves as an essential information source and you cannot participate in the Rallye Rejviz 2024 without it.
  • It is also recommended that you take a car charger or power bank with you to prevent the CMP from running out of power.

Each task will arrive on your registered CMP as follows:

1) Audio alert with an incoming call and a voice message on the CMP 

It is not necessary to answer or confirm in any way, it serves only as an audio alert for the task.

2) After the audio alert, you will receive three SMS messages with information about the task
The order of the SMS messages may vary, but all three will always be sent. 

Navigation: By clicking on the "Navigation“ link in the SMS, you will start navigation to the task location in Google Maps. 

Details of the event (note): By clicking on the link, you will display a map with the task location and buttons: 

  • STATUS - for sending statuses (see below).
  • DETAIL - a complete overview of the task assignment, including any additional details needed to complete the task.

Map with the task location and buttons 


Complete overview of the task assignment including any additional details needed to complete the task.

Items description

1Task:Task name 
2Call:Call from the EMS Dispatch Center.
3Site:Task site
The address or coordinates of the place where you will perform the task.
4Start time:Your crew's start time at the task site.
The crew must be at the task start area no later than 5 minutes before their start time.
5Call to address time:The time from receipt of the call to the start of the task.
This is not the actual time you need to get to the task site before the task starts!
6Time limit: Maximum time to perform the task.
7Date, time, temperature, and weather at the task site:
8Event details (note):Other details needed to complete the task.
Using statuses is mandatory; without submitting your status you will not complete the task and will not receive the next call.

STATUSES are selected by pressing the button according to the current status of the crew:

  • Call accepted - you confirm receipt of the call  
  • Departure - you are going to the site of the task
  • On the site - you are at the task site, ready to perform the task 
  • Action - you have started the task  
  • End of action - you have completed the task, awaiting the next call

During CMP registration you may have questions and the full version of Smartzos may be activated depending on the specific model of CMP. 

Further informational SMS will be sent to you from the number 5030, this is not spam.

EMS Dispatch Center (DISPATCH):

All requests and reports for EMS Dispatch Center are to be addressed to the task judge marked as “DISPATCH.”

Communication with the EMS Dispatch Center can be verbal or via telephone or two-way radio.

Your tasks (must be provided in time limit to perform the task):

  • Assess the scene and decide correct work management on site.
  • Examine and treat patient(s).
  • Define working diagnosis, administer therapy.
  • Define direction (see below).
  • If transport is required, define means of transport (see below).
  • Inform the judge of any further steps.

Any changes to specific tasks will be communicated to you in the "Event details" or at the task site before the task begins.


 Availability from the event site:Available:
A20 mins by ground transportED + anesthesiology and resuscitation, internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, labs, imaging (radiology - RTG, USG, CT, MRI)
B35 mins by ground transport
10 mins by air
As A + cardiac center, ICT (stroke) center
C35 mins by ground transport
10 mins by air
As A + trauma center, specialties (ophthalmology, psychiatry, dermatology...)
DLeaving the patient on site.If EMS unit competencies allow.


1Ground by own carBy the team´s own ambulance.
2By airThe availability of the HEMS will be provided by DISPATCH upon request.
Landing close to the scene possible.
3Ground by another paramedic unitThe availability of another paramedic unit will be provided by DISPATCH upon request.
4Ground by another physician unitThe availability of another physician unit will be provided by DISPATCH upon request.
5AnotherDescribe and justify to judge.

You report to the judge (example): "Direction A, transport 2" and any additional information at your discretion.

Dotazy / Questions?

    Rallye Rejvíz 2024

    22.05. - 26.05.2024
    Mezinárodní odborné zaměstnání a soutěž pro posádky zdravotnických záchranných služeb, konané od roku 1997
    Tel.: +420 511 116 764




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