Refresh your knowledge of procedures for mass casualty and disasters!

INT crews proceed according to the START (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment).

It might be helpful for you (examples, you can use your „national“ version):

Mass casualty – Checklists (role-based)

Mass casualty – Evidence lists

It will be used this triage tag:






You can use colored vests (not obligatory):
White – MCI (Mass Cassualty Incident) Commander (velitel zdravotnického zásahu)
Yellow – Triage Area Officer (velitel třídění)
Red – Treatment Area Officer (velitel shromaždiště zraněných)
Blue – Transport Officer (velitel odsunu) 


  • My call
  • Exact location
  • Type of incident
  • Hazards,presents andpotencial
  • Acces to scene and agressroute
  • Number and severity of casualties
  • Emergency services, present andrequired
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